Hahaha He Will Never Steal Again (What A Pity Lol)

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Hahaha He Will Never Steal Again (What A Pity Lol)

Hahahaha……poor dude! He will never steal again. That is how these guys will be playing rough play until they mess with the wrong hungry dude from benin. Loooool….Laugh wan kill me for here ooo.


So, you know guys with their weird, out of the world jokes. Well, it didn’t go well with this one dude who snatched and ate the friend’s meat…..meat he was saving for the last. well…I can’t tell you what happened to the meat thief, you will find him at the village market square. I am sure he can share his story. Lol.

Ewoo! See What Hunger Did To Him. (Hilarious Video)

It is not every body you can steal from.

Video Credits: Real House Of Comedy @Thespian_Nozy, @Kastropee

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