She Models In The United States Of UK (Girls sha. Lol)

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She Models In The United States Of UK (Girls sha. Lol)

Some girls sha…..Hehehehe…she models in the united states of Uk. You see them every where oooo. Ever heard of FABB? Lol…yea. They are the ones who prefer UK to London and wind down the window of aeroplane because it was hot.


Yet they are the ones who do take aways when you mistakenly ask them on a date. They live in maitama but when every give them a lift and you wanna know their house, they would tell you not to bother because they want to make a stop somewhere to see their uncles.

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Hahahaha…let me see how she will be able to pay for those chicken wigs and champagne today. A really hilarious comedy from house of Ajebo. Watch and share.

Video Credits: House of Ajebo.

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