SMH. Nigerians Are Just Amazing. Lol (Must watch)

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SMH. Nigerians Are Just Amazing. Lol (Must watch)

The level of creativity is this country ehn. Lol….Nigerians are just amazing somboriis. Look what they did with this scene excerpt from Coming To America. Again, its in Igbo language. Hehehehe. They are arguing about football, which is the best club and all that stuff. Mind you, the original video was not about this dialogue oooo.


I think someone is creating a brand by getting scene extractions from comedy videos and interjecting his choice dialogue in Igbo langage into the videos to make them look like they were originally made in Igbo. Nice move.

It is something similar to the warri version of Jesus of Nazareth where Jesus is bros J and he is allowed to say thunder fire you and all those warri slangs. Hahahaha. No doubt, Nigerians are just amazing and full of creativity especially when  it comes to comedy and not serious stuff.

Video Credits: @thelegendsshow.

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