The Benin Gala Seller. Hilarious Skit By McEdoPikin

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The Benin Gala Seller. Hilarious Skit By McEdoPikin

Hahahaha….Benin Technology. Why are they begging now? The Benin Gala Seller is not one to be messed with. All those broke guys that go about buying stuff in traffic and running off without paying. Well, I guess they will never try a benin gala seller again. Lol.


They were even boasting sef how smart they are until the open the booth of their car and saw luggage they didnt put there. The owner of the money has come for his money ooo.

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The end will make you laugh…..he paid for the gala and lacasera but he still gave them back to the seller. The confusion of being faced with benin-craft. Hahahaha….oh lawd.


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Video Credits: McEdoPikin and SamandSong.

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