This Is Hilarious! Abeg Na Who Smart Pass?

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This Is Hilarious! Abeg Na Who Smart Pass?

Buhahahahaha……Oh God! Abeg na who smart pass? Kai! When you are used to cheating people, one day na one day, maga go must to pay.


This is too funny biko. So Bovi was on his own when a pretty lady mistook him for a pastor who prophesied prosperity upon her and her husband. She had money for her workers but she would love to sow it into the pastor’s life and ministry.

LMFAO! Translate To Simple English. You Will Be Shocked!

upon, hearing money, Bovi posed well as the pastor, collected the money and prayed for the woman. He even quoted from the book of Abraham that only exist at the bible school bible 2016 full option edition. Little did he know that he, Bovi was about to fall mugu to this pretentious scammer. Good for fake pastors.

Watch to see what happen next. Very funny.

Video Credit: Bovi Comedian.

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